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Misery and suffering are optional.

Pain management through appropriate medication dosing, a low stress diet, exercise, breathing techniques, neuro-linguistic reprogramming and cognitive therapy can empower you towards a more enjoyable and rewarding life.

Chronic Pain Management

We offer a new approach to the age old problem of chronic pain. Using modern medicine and the combination of exploring the exciting facets of the conscious mind with improving bodily functions through appropriate nutrition, supplements and mental emotional reprogramming.

New patients must have records of their established pain management needs. Records for previous 3-6 months from their prescribing physician; pharmacy hx required for prior 3-6 months; current lab work and an Mri, prior surgery, etc. all prior to being seen by our physicians. Therapy in our office does not include interventional or surgical management. Our physicians are dedicated to providing treatment solutions for your individual needs, using varied treatments including traditional, holistic approaches, and non-traditional therapies. Many proven successful, non-drug therapies such as dietary changes, exercise and self-healing with meditation have also been implemented.